Resident Evil 6 Benchmark



Will Resident Evil 6 work on your PC? Find out now!


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Resident Evil 6 Benchmark is the Capcom and Nvidia official tool for players to check if the sixth production of the Resident Evil franchise will work correctly on their computers.

The file, that occupies a little less than 1 GB, will run a demo (not playable) from different sections of the game, while it informs us at all times about the frames per second at which it´s working and the points that that gives us.

At the end of the demo, that takes just a few minutes, a very similar punctuation screen, similar to the traditional ones from the Resident Evil saga will show us the results, informing us of if we can or nor run Resident Evil 6 in a satisfactory way with our computer.

Resident Evil 6 Benchmark is a very interesting application for all the interested users in the final game, as it will allow them to know beforehand which resolution and which graphic options he will have to use... if the computer has enough to play it, of course.
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